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Cape Glass and Aluminium
“Clearly Brilliant”
Cape Town

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your lead time between order and installation?

A: We work on a lead time of 15 working days depending on the scope of works.

Q: Do you service areas outside of Cape Town?

A: We are based in the Southern suburbs of Cape Town and will only take on certain projects away from home.

Q: Do you service old aluminium products?

A: We unfortunately do not service or repair old products.

Q: Do you offer a glass replacement service?

A: We do not offer a glass replacement service as we focus on complete window and door products.

Q: Do you remove and replace old windows?

A: Yes, we do. We will remove old windows and doors and replace them with new products. We will also plaster and make good the reveals. We will also seal the windows on the outside with silicone and inside with painter’s mate. We do not paint.

Q: Do you do small jobs, like installing on one or two windows?

We can supply you with the windows but we do not install on a small scale as it does not make financial sense for us and the client.

Q: Where can we send drawings or plans for quotes?

A: Please email info at

Q: How do we set up a site visit to get a quote?

A: Please e mail us with you Name, contact number, site address and any details you have on you glass and aluminium requirements.